WHAT IS A “QUALIFIED”                        CONTRACTOR?

Any contractor you’re thinking of hiring to work on your home should have proper licensing and proper liability insurance. 

Insurance coverage is essential to protecting you in case the contractor damages your home or gets injured on your property. Don’t assume your homeowner’s insurance will protect you from this risk, since your policy may not include coverage for people working on your home.

  • Licensing proves that the contractor is allowed to work in your city or town, and has met standards that pertain to his or her industry or specialty. A licensed contractor will know the building codes in your area and be able to obtain the permits needed to do the work.  An unlicensed contractor may not have the skills or experience to properly do the work; at worst, your homeowner’s insurance policy could be voided if a claim is made because of the unlicensed contractor’s inferior work.

An important note: It’s not enough for a contractor to tell you he or she has the necessary licensing and insurance to do the work. Ask for proof, and check with the insurance provider and licensing authority to confirm that everything is up to date and in good standing.