How Does Insurance Define Storm Damage & Storm Insurance?

Storm damage is the destructive result of weather-related events. It can include damage to the exterior of your home, such as your roof shingles blowing off after a windstorm, or the siding of your home being dented from hail. Storm damage may even affect the interior of your home, like power surge damage from a lightning strike. Storm insurance is part of your homeowners policy that can help cover the cost — after your deductible — to repair or replace the damaged area.

What Is Storm Damage Insurance?

Storm damage insurance isn’t its own policy — it’s part of your homeowners policy. It’s designed to protect your finances from the expensive costs of damage to your home after a storm-related event. If your home faces damage after a storm, you can file a claim with your insurance company and they’ll send an adjuster to assess the damage to your home. After you pay your deductible, your insurance company will help cover the remaining cost up to your coverage limits.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Storm Damage & What’s Covered by Insurance?

Typically wind or tornadoes, wildfire, ice storms, fallen trees and lightning strikes have a certain level of coverage as part of a standard policy. Make sure you understand the types of storms that are covered by your specific policy before a disaster rather than after. There are additional coverages you may want to consider to give yourself a broader range of protection. Things like matching siding coverage, roof replacement cost coverage and sump pump overflow coverage are important coverages to add to better protect yourself from storm damage. Usually flood and earthquakes are excluded by your standard policy, but you have the option to purchase coverage for these types of events. Explore our coverage options below to better understand how you can choose to be protected.

How to File an Insurance Claim for Storm Damage

To help get your life back on track quickly and as stress-free as possible, we try to make the claims process uncomplicated. If you need to file an insurance claim for storm damage, you have options:1. File your claim with your agent.   You'll want to have this information on hand: the date and time of the event, a brief description of what happened and any photos of damage done to your property.3. After you file a storm insurance claim, a team of experts will be on site as quickly as possible, inspecting the damage and making sure you have everything you need to keep your life moving forward.

Roof Replacement Cost Coverage

This coverage means you’d get what it’d cost to replace your roof today, so we’ll reimburse you for the full amount to repair or replace your roof, minus your deductible. 

Matching Siding Coverage

Your insurance replaces siding damage from covered storms, but it only covers the parts of your home that are damaged. By adding this coverage, you’ll be covered to replace the undamaged siding, if matching siding isn't available, so your house’s exterior will still match.